Ghoststrider (ghoststrider) wrote in libertarian_agw,

Climate Scandal Professor Contemplated Suicide

Remember the professor at the center of "Climategate?" Well, according to The Times of London, after the scandal broke he felt "suicidal tendencies" and nearly killed himself.

I wonder what you all think of this. My personal opinion is that some people--namely, those who sent the death threats that Jones' claims to have received--went too far, but really, this entire article stinks of a guy whining and trying to play the sympathy card through blubbering.

Really, this incident has made him want to kill himself? Well, it definitely sucks to have gone through such thoughts, but isn't that a bit...melodramatic? Also, as one commentator noted:

I wonder how many of those scientists whose work and career's were destroyed by Jones because they disagreed with his views also contemplated suicide.
These people are always so sorry after the event, but showed no remorse right up to the point of being caught. Fake tears for a fake, only to be expected.

I'm only going to feel the most tepid of sorrow for this man. I mean, he did breach Freedom of Information requirements, which even though they're a statist instrument, they show he has some idea that wrongdoing was going on.

But maybe I'm being too harsh. What do you think?
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